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tv   KPIX 5 News  CBS  December 27, 2015 5:30pm-6:01pm PST

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goodrich. we begin tonight with breaking news.. a plane diverted to oakland international airport. good evening. >> we begin tonight with breaking news. a plane diverted to oakland international airport. maria medina is in the newsroom with more on that. >> reporter: the southwest airlines plane just landed about 30 minutes ago after taking off from sacramento for denver. our sister station in sacramento says a passenger called in and said the plane experienced some sort of mechanical problem just after taking off at 3:00 p.m. this is from the website flight aware which flights tracks planes from take off to landing. you can see it suddenly head north. circle several times around yuba city and finally head south toward the bay area.
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it then came over the east bay and landed in oakland. and here is a live look at the airport now. we're told the plane did safely come in and is now parked at a gate. we haven't heard of anything on board being hurt and we're now waiting to hear what exactly went wrong and why officially the plane was diverted and when we learn more we'll bring it to you. live in the newsroom, maria medina. >> tonight, texas under siege. deadly tornadoes ripped through suburbs leaving scenes of utter devastation and no relief in sight as the state gets slammed with torrential rain and blizzard. and we're live in rowlette texas getting a close up on all the damage. >> reporter: the tornado touched down in the cover of darkness. some of the damage is pretty overwhelming.
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residents are now having to pick up in the cold weather. david dennis backyard shred shredded. wrapped around his neighbor's tree. >> we ran inside the bathroom, hunkered down. next thing you heard is crashing glass. >> reporter: the occasional lightning strike illuminated the twisters that started touching down in the dallas area. at least seven people died, two that were in the car when the tornado crossed i30. the path of destruction stretches for 30 miles and over 600 structures are damaged or destroyed. weather forecastest said two tornado clocked speeds of up to 200 miles per hour. tossing mobile homes like toys, and flattening entire streets. the governor of texas says, the situation is still volatile across the northern part of the
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state that is simultaneously experiencing extreme ice and snow conditions and torrential rain. >> we need you to remain vigilant. >> reporter: officials sent warnings out, asking people to take cover. at this early stage of the recovery, authorities warn the number of victims may still rise. there is a 24 hour curfew in place and it could take weeks for all of this to be cleaned up. juliette. >> thank you so much for that. a massive snowstorm has prompted new mexico's governor to declare a state of emergency. the state has dumped more than 20-inches of snow in some areas. officials say at least 10,000 homes are without power in eastern new mexico. and the weather is causing major delays on one of the busiest days for air travel. crowds of people were stuck in terminals at dallas's love field airport. we just checked with our local
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airports and so far no major impact at sfo, oakland or san jose. a developing story in eastern contra costa county, gas service has been cut off. it's expecting to be a very cold night. pg & e says the freezing temperatures have compromised some of its lines and it's going to take hours, maybe all night to make repairs. a warming center has been set at timber point elementary school. we have a crew on rout. we will have more later on in the newscast. no freeze warning but it will still be cold. a chilly morning in lafayette. a lot of people bundled up to get their sunday morning coffee and plenty of cars with icy windows as well. some of the bay area saw those in the 20s this morning. right now portion of mount hamilton road is closed because of icy conditions. this is what mount hamilton looked like on christmas day after getting a dusting or so. one of our staffers took this picture this morning of a rare
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sight in san francisco. frosty roofs in the upper market neighborhood. now a live look from our roof cam -- roof camera in san francisco. a check of the bay area shows bands moving south to east. and rain as you can see continues to fall just north and east of livermore. and there are showers at this hour in the south bay as well moving into the hamilton range. we'll see what's ahead in this final week of 2015 in just a few minutes. the driver of the suv that hit a tour bus in san francisco is expected to be sited. the crash happened last night near the ferry building along the embarcadero -- is expected to be cited. police say the driver of the suv cut off the bus forcing the bus driver to slam on the brake causing the crash. in southern california a ferocious fire in ventura california is now 70%
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contained. the solomon fire burned 300 acres prompting mandatory evacuations and the closure of highway 101 this weekend. the fire that started late friday night. invest investigators say it was caused by down power lined. evacuation orders have been lifted. san jose wants to put its best foot forward with the super bowl coming to town. but something is sticking out like a sore thumb. a closed down mcdonalds. >> reporter: you could call it art. but people call it something else. >> it's vandalism. >> reporter: presidents of the downtown association worries what tourists will say come super bowl. seeing graffitid property like this and others around downtown san jose. after all nfl players will be
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staying just around the corner from this site. >> the graffiti is not going to help. the vacant store front is not going to help. >> reporter: ever since mcdonalds recently closed this restaurant following a decade's long run. vandals have had their way with it. >> this to me is vandalism. this is just their way of putting their name, gang affiliation or whatever it is on the wall. >> reporter: in san jose's downtown association has an idea to clean it up. they recently asked a mcdonald association that owns the property to paint a large mural on the entire building. hoping the art work would deter vandals from tagging the building. >> i think that's a very smart initiative. >> reporter: this building managed to keep the taggers away with a few exceptions. >> seems to in a way respect the art. so i think if there's something here, it would at least deter maybe not completely resolve it but it would help. >> reporter: in san jose, mark
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kelly, kpix5. >> brady said she would like to see the property turn into retail and affordable housing. we tried to reach mcdonalds but have not heard back. another effect of the super bowl, you will soon see more bicycles at sfo. it's in preparation for the expected increase in travelers for super bowl l. paramedics will be using the bikes to get to passengers who need emergency care. if hope is to be able to navigate the crowds and respond faster than an ambulance. to closing the gender gap, it could be new for 2015. a furious payton manning slams a reporter tieing him to muscle enhancing drugs.
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even tempur-pedic mattress sets at low clearance prices! save even more on floor samples, demonstrators, and closeout inventory! the year end clearance sale is on now at sleep train! ♪ your ticket to a better night's sleep ♪ the quake hit around 10:30. was centered near johannesb. northwest of barstow-- people as far away as downtn los angeles and orange count a 4.3 earthquake hit central california. people as far away as downtown los angeles and orange county reported feeling a slow rocking motion. fortunately no reports of any damage. there was pain and grief in chicago today after two people were killed by police. mourners of 19-year-old antonio
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lagreer and betty jones gathered to call for justice. police were responding to a domestic call. officers say that he was acting in a combative manner. jones was accidentally killed in the cross fire. cooksey says something has to be done. >> now today i'm grieving myself. when does it come to an end? when do we get answers? >> reporter: the chicago police department is currently under a federal investigation for a separate cop killing last year that claimed the life of laquan mcdonald. payton manning is slamming reports that he used human hormone growth. a pharmacy named the bronco
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quarterback and other big name athletes receiving hgc from a clinic. a furious manning told espn today the whole thing is made up. >> there are no shortcuts in -- >> surgery in 2011 while he was a member of the indianapolis colts. the report claims he had the hgh delivered to his wife to help him recover faster. still ahead. star wars destroys another box office record. the astronomical numbers it hit in just 12 days.
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makovec reports-- they cover your paycheck to the start of a new year means a slew of new laws will take effect. they cover everything from your paycheck to your privacy. >> reporter: air soft and realistic looking toy guns have to flash more flourecents. in addition to the bold tips, they will need light trigger guards. this in response of an officer shooting a teenager who had a gun that looked like a real gun. cheer leaders who root on proathletes will become employees. this law follows a multimillion dollars lawsuit brought by former raideretts. in response to elliot rogers
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killing spree near the campus of uc santa barbara last year, family members can get a restraining order. barring a relative from owning a gun if they believe that person might commit an act of violence. and concealed firearms will be banned from college campuses and school grounds. plus a move to catch up privacy laws with technology, law enforcement will need a search warrant to see your e-mails, text messages or internet search history. >> and if you would like to see a new law enacted through a ballot measure. it will soon cost more money to submit your proposal. it's now $200 on january 1st. >> nothing will stand in our way. >> and nothing has. star wars the force awakens has become the fastest movie to reach $1 billion at the box office. in just 12 days, the previous record was 13 days set by
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jurassic world in june. with a little over $49 million. we have some rain moving into the bay area. scattered showers have already passed through a good portion of the bay. there's more on the way in the wee small hours of the morning. first let's check out the kpix high def doppler. we have a round of showers that first moved through mendocino. more rain will be coming south. in the meantime it has all gone to broken and scattered showerless. s howerless -- showers. a little bit east of santa rosa. heavier sells north of tracy and just east of livermore. and also on the diablo south of mount hamilton. you can see there's scattered showers. that's where it is now. we're going pull back just to show you the perspective again. there's a few scattered showers offshore. but we'll have to wait for more of them to develop as we get later into the night. right now as we look at what
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looks like lonely coit tower. 45 in concord. a weak front that's pushing south over northern california. with the cold front is still offshore. hasn't reached us yet the brunt of it is up by mendocino. it's going to be later that we get more showers but not going to amount to much. an attempt of 1/3 an inch of rain when all is said and done. right now with the low pressure heading inland we get showers tonight. but then, a big blocking ridge of high pressure sets up over the desert southwest. and high pressure offshore. it's going to be a dry week ahead after this little burst of showers overnight tonight. there's no rain as far as the eye can see. again after tonight. so let's just have a look at futurecast. this is what should happen in the overnight hour. you -- overnight hours. you can see the scattered showers. by the time we get to the
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morning commute it is good news. dry for the drive to work. it will be a generally sunny day dispensed with the showers tonight and in the early morning hours of monday. after that, i have nothing else. in terms of the futurecast how much rain. not a ton. maybe .9 at ukiah. so showers overnight. clearing on monday. and then dry through new years day. and that's a fairly extent dry stretch compared to what we had lately which has been on again off again rain. not so much this week. tahoe and yosemite will have snow showers tomorrow. and in the central valley. mostly sunny skies overnight lows tonight. freeze warnings have been lifted. it's still going to be closed. temperatures range from the mid-30s to mid-40s. we're all going to be the mid-
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50s. we're well below average for this time of the year. san francisco tomorrow 52. concord 53, san jose the same and oakland the warm spot at 57 degrees. seven day forecast. we have a few clouds around tomorrow. look at the rest of the week. sun, sun, sun, sun, sun. all the way into 2016 and beyond. temperatures recover to the mid- 60s. midweek but expect to get a little bit wet tonight. mr.glen. >> indeed it's always sunny when you have the nfl highlights. ahead. 49ers. so much momentum on that first drive to the lions. but how long did it last. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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calls today... . 32-17 loss at th 49ers up top. got a number for you. seven. that's the niners total off sides, neutral zone calls today. i got another. 32-17 loss at the lions. 49ers did this six times in the first half. you wonder who's responsible for that. jump on matthew stafford's hard count. jared haynes was back. 47 all purpose yards. from the one. blane gabbert looking for mcdonald. later same quarter. fake punt trickeration by new york. and t.j. jones, detroit went ahead 10-7.
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but back came the 49ers. gabbert a second quarter to smith. fourthtouchdown catch of the year. 14-10. next possession, defensive adjustment gabbert, popped, fumbled. lions ball at the one yard line. very next play, joy bell, untouched into the end zone, lions did lead 20-17 at the half. second half, all lions, stafford. most losses since 2007. >> we've been starting slow and finishing strong. it was just opposite today. >> i don't know that they were a step ahead. obviously they were a step ahead. we weren't getting things down the way we needed to. >> defensive number 51. >> we shoot ourselves in the
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foot. you know we're coming to these weak hauls on our own. we need to focus on our assignments. why the 1972 dolphins are toasting the bubbly. because of what happened to cam newton. they came unbeaten and left be wildered. atlanta led 14-10. one minute left haoers -- here's the end of carolina. beasley strips it away and carolina two wins away from a 16-0 regular season was upset 20-14. the 72 dolphins are the only team to complete an entire season unbeaten 2007 patriots were 18-0 before losing the super bowl. packers and the cardinals oh the cheese heads.
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man, felt like a home game for green bay. into the first half. this is an aaron rogers interception. carson palmer, hits john brown. cardinals led 17-0. rogers, he should have stayed in the locker room. gets thrown to the ground. one of his nine sacks. he takes to the ground nine times. redding scooped it up. and it's a house call. he gone. cardinals blew out the packers 38-8 to improve to 13-2 and clench a first round bye. you know something, alex smith, around here he's getting the last laugh. former 49er, hit, travis kelsey. nice catch. by then it was 17-3 on cleveland for the browns rally within four. time running out. johnny manziel found redding. but cleveland was out of time outs. could not stop the clock in time.
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and the game ended. oh. poor johnny. look at the reaction. boom. with the helmet. chiefs win it and clench a play off spot with its ninth straight win. a very special goodbye to a huge fan favorite in the bay area. dave henderson. hindu. best known as the legendary oakland athletic center fielder. passed away at the young age of 57 from a massive heart attack. a's fans vividly remember this. henderson's infectious smile as he ran on the field. joining derek karr, and foil. any of those guys just try to find those guys in a bad mood. you just, can't be done. and hindu he was right there on the list. always smiling. >> wow, sorry to hear that. thanks very much.
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that's it for us at 5:30. cbs evening news is next. we'll be back here at 6:30. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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>> oh it's massive. >> glor: a devastating tornado in texas. the latest impact of a brutal winter storm system. at least 11 killed and a neighborhood left in ruins outside dallas. elsewhere, whiteout conditions and a state of emergency in new stxico. also tonight, the intense fight to take the city of ramadi back from isis. in chicago, new calls for accountability after police kill two this weekend. and, peyton manning's furious denial against an allegation that he used human-growth- hormone. >> complete and total joke. it's defamation, and it really ticks me off. captioning sponsored by cbs this is the "cbs evening news." >> glor: good evening, i'm jeff glor. this is the western edition of the broadcast. it was the deadliest tornado in


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